National Research Strategies

The Swedish Production Academy is part of developing the national strategies for production research in Sweden. The academy has a long history of working with research strategies and new agendas are continously presented. The two most recent agendas can be found below.

Make in Sweden 2030

The manufacturing industry is a pillar of the Swedish economy and a foundation for our employment. Many Swedish companies used the potential of digitalization at an early stage. So far, we have maintained our competitiveness on an increasingly tough global market. Now we need to gather power around the production area to further develop the industry in Sweden. We do this to ensure future welfare and jobs, but also to make sure that Sweden is doing well internationally as a manufacturing country for advanced products and services.

Produktion2030 aims to renew and strengthen the competitiveness of Sweden’s manufacturing industry. Through innovative knowledge, strong partnerships and cutting edge technology, Produktion2030 contributes to Swedens attractiveness as a production country. In this way we create growth and welfare together.

Produktion2030 focuses on six main challenges and areas of strength where the Swedish industry, academia and research institutes are internationally competitive. At the same time, these strengths require continued investments in order to strengthen Swedish manufacturing industry’s competitiveness in the longer term.

Made in Sweden 2030

This strategic research and innovation agenda is proposing a new vision for production in Sweden 2030 and recommending long term efforts that are necessary to strengthen innovation, development and production of goods and services in Sweden.

The vision stated in the agenda says that in the year 2030, Sweden is the primary choice for developing and producing advanced products and services. Manufacturing companies are characterized by innovative product and production system development, as well as by excellent leadership. Swedish manufacturing industry is a forerunner in producing customized, high-end industrial services. Sweden's globally competitive position in 2030 is based on the strategic, long-term efforts that began in the early 2000, leading to increased focus on research, innovation and education in production. In addition, the strong ties between industry, academia and research institutes constitute essential and unique assets to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness. In 2030, a career or education in manufacturing is a desired choice for young people and adults looking for a new career. The education system offers manufacturing education opportunities on all academic levels.